Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Have to Answer Any Questions

Hillary Clinton has now gone 22 days without answering a question from the press, and the press has noticed. In fact, since she announced her candidacy 31 days ago, she has answered very few. Now she’ll take hand-picked questions from small town-hall gatherings with eager supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire, but is she going to have any sort of sit-down interview with Chris Wallace or Chuck Todd in the near future? No, and why should she?

Nature and the media abhors a vacuum, and right now the Hillary vacuum is being filled with talks of “Clinton Cash,” the book that shows how Bill Clinton’s mammoth speaking fees have mostly come from countries or governments that had business in front of the State Department, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. If she gives an interview now, she’ll have to answer questions. By the time she does give an interview, this can be dismissed as “old news.”

What would be the motivation for answering reporters’ questions now? Name recognition? Get a leg up on the competition? Change the narrative?

Hillary has name recognition through the roof. Anyone in America who hasn’t heard of Hillary probably won’t be voting in 18 months. And if they do, odds are great they’d be like “Hey, a woman’s running! I’ll vote for her.”

What competition does she have? Bernie Sanders? The old socialist can be dismissed with a swipe of her hand. Lincoln Chafee? Doesn’t even need to raise her hand for the dismissive swipe. Martin O’Malley’s resume is Baltimore, Maryland, and recent revelations have shown that maybe he wasn’t the best leader. Elizabeth Warren would make it interesting for about a week, but she doesn’t want to run.  Other possible challengers (Joe Biden, John Hickenlooper) aren’t acting like they plan to run.

Compare that to the Republican side where we have six official candidates and at least six more we know are going to run. They vary in name recognition, but there is no front-runner right now (despite what the media says about Jeb Bush), and so the competition is greater.

What narrative does Hillary need to change in May 2015? The current narrative is that she’ll be the next President of the United States. Why say anything to change that?


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