Hillary for president

by Harry Caines
by Harry Caines

I am a man of many mantras. I speak in idioms. I am not so much a person that teaches lessons in parables, but am a scholar who tries to impart my life’s experiences onto others with a sagacious, laconic phrase.

One of those mantras has been oft repeated by me in the past year with such frequency that I can scantily go a day without giving voice to the words. That phrase is:

Never speak in absolutes.

Since the early days of 1992, I have found the pathological lying, secrecy and entitlement of Bill and Hillary Clinton to be vexing. How can two people so intelligent and driven to public service continuously engage in morally and ethically-suspect behavior that was so easily exposed by the media? It almost seemed as if the Clintons could not feel any sustainable emotions unless they were in a constant state of public duress.

For nearly half of a century I stared in both awe and flummoxed exasperation watching the obvious chicanery of the Clintons. I listened to my fellow Americans defend their motives, excuse their behaviors and generally look foolish explaining Clintonian actions that they would not condone from their friends, family or children. I despised the Clintons, I considered their maneuvers after Bill’s presidency ended to place Hillary in a position to attain that office to be one of the worst schemes I could imagine. “Hillary must never be president!” I exclaimed more than once over the last 15 years.

On Tuesday, I will go down to the Cache County, Utah office building and drop off my ballot. On that ballot, I will have marked the spot next to Hillary Clinton’s name to be the 45th President of the United States.

Allow me to repeat that when discussing things that may or may not come to fruition in the future, regardless of your current passion on the subject in question, you should never, under any circumstance, even with a gun pointed at your head, ever, ever, ever, ever speak in absolutes.

How did I get here? Donald J. Trump. It’s that simple.

Before I discuss the virtues that Hillary Clinton would bring to being our Commander-in-Chief, allow me to repeat claims I have made in many columns over the past two years. I will do so in bullet points in an effort to control the rambling paragraphs that have become my brand when scribing columns on subjects that extract volatility from deep within my being.

Donald Trump has a lifetime of failures as a businessman on his resume. He was an integral part of the collapse of Atlantic City, New Jersey. He had joined many ventures which he dropped later on, after swindling money from investors. He reneges on agreements as a means to get out of paying money he was contractually bound to deliver. He has put his name on fraudulent products. He is a sideshow carnie.

Trump lies with a pathology that suggests he suffers from a mental imbalance that would make his ascension to the presidency a danger to every human on the planet. His sociopathic tendencies not only speak to a disturbing dearth of empathy for others, but also a level of narcissism that would make it impossible for him to take the advice of smart people who disagree with him on matters that could bring forth war.

Trump has run a campaign that has intentionally incited and rallied the most deplorable and undereducated people to his cause. Trump is an effete elitist. Yet, he has somehow become a 21st Century Svengali who has recast himself as the vox populi for the purportedly forgotten masses. Trump uses terminology that is meant to subliminally suggest to rural White men that he will champion their causes. Trump romances the xenophobia, racism, misogyny and bitterness of people who have embraced the false premise that everyone unlike themselves is out to get them. Trump feeds off the paranoia and misanthropy of ignorant people.

Trump is a bully who thinks women are lesser beings if they do not stir his carnal desires. Included in that, his own daughters. No man is worse than one who would sexualize his daughter.

That is the short list.

These facts are not exclusive to my reasons for voting for Hillary Clinton. I could easily vote for a 3rd party candidate. I do not believe that that is a wasted vote. I do not view my vote as a tiebreaker that must determine a winner. My vote is my voice. It states what I believe to be right at the time. When I discuss my votes, past and present, I must feel that I can defend them.

I once voted in a municipal election that was decided by one vote. I voted for the winner. I once was a nominee in an election for an important office of a fraternal order. The vote ended in a tie. I lost the tiebreaker, which consisted of me pulling a piece of paper out of a brown bag. I chose wrongly.

If anyone has a solid rationale for why they will vote for Evan McMullin, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or any other candidate for president, then they did not waste their vote. If anyone decides not to vote because they are dissatisfied with the American system of democracy, that is a de facto way of voting.

Your vote—cast or not—is your voice. Do with it what you will.

I will vote for Hillary Clinton. I believe she has a high mental acuity regarding politics and diplomacy. I believe her knowledge of world affairs makes her qualified to deal with issues that currently threaten both America’s security and the peace of civilized countries around the world. I believe her fairly moderate positions on some domestic issues will allow the Republicans to compromise on legislation. I believe that when she gets past her gut reaction to obfuscate, she is a good public servant who wishes to keep America strong and be the envy of the world.

It is common every four years to say the current presidential election is the most important in our lifetime. This is nearly always false. America has held very few presidential elections that had the possibility of changing the course of human history. This election, just days away, most certainly does.

We can vote for an avaricious television star who was lifted to political prominence by assaulting decency and feeding fear with vitriolic language; or, we can vote for a woman who can step into the Oval Office on Day One and provide steady leadership that none of us should doubt comes from a sane, rational mind.

What we do on November 8th will reverberate throughout time. Let us choose wisely.

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