Hillary’s Wizard of Oz Problem

The latest polling numbers are a serious problem for Hillary Clinton, and she knows it.

by Tyler Page
by Tyler Page

Sure, her “trustworthy” numbers have fallen, but that was always going to happen when Americans were reintroduced to Clintonian ethics. Her campaign staff, Democratic strategists, and most Democratic voters have long embraced the “ethical lapses” rider that accompanies any Clinton Presidency.

But this weekend’s polling suggests she is losing to Republicans (including Donald Trump) and is faring worse than Sen. Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden in most cases.

That spells serious trouble.

This Hillary campaign runs on its “inevitability.” Like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind his machine, Hillary’s inevitability projects an aura that makes her untouchable to most Democrats. The gravy train that comes to early endorsers, big donors and beloved staffers in any winning presidential campaign has clearly been used to keep the best staffers in-house and any prospective contender with a political future (Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Andrew Cuomo, et. al.) on the sidelines. Clinton has gone so far as to call any donor who expresses public support for Biden to “express disappointment.” I believe that’s Clinton-speak for, “Say goodbye to that ambassadorship.”

But the drop in the polls, assuming it continues, is about to take away both carrot and stick. And absent both, the Great and Mighty Hillary will be unmasked, forced to come out from behind the curtain and be treated just like the rest of the candidates who have to answer for their past statements and positions. If that happens, Hillary will not be the choice of Democrat insiders or rank-and-file. Her record is too long and filled with too many landmines in the post-Obama Democratic Party.

Her corporate connections are toxic to the Warren wing of the party, her “tough-on-crime” bona fides infuriate the “black lives matter” crowd, and she was one of the last elected Democrats on earth to endorse gay marriage. She has infuriated the Obama White House for claiming they condoned her secret anti-transparency email arrangement, organized labor is ticked that she didn’t stand with them on free trade, and her 2007 stance on immigration sounds a lot more like Donald Trump than President Obama.

And then there is the matter of her email server, which increasingly looks like a federal indictment waiting to happen to anyone not the 2016 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

No wonder she tried desperately to change the subject and rally her defenders with outrageous terrorist and Nazi comparisons. But even that fell on deaf ears. Embarrassed Democrats simply ignored the story while Republicans issued legitimate outrage and moved on.

I’m not sure what tools Hillary has left at her disposal, but she better use them quickly. If she can’t change her poll performance soon, she’ll be unmasked just like the Wizard of Oz.

And the Hillary that comes out from behind the curtain will never be president.the-man-behind-the-curtain-o

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