Honest Press Releases | House Democratic Leader Not Surprised By Recent Integrity Grade for Utah

What if press releases were completely honest? The following is satire. 

by Beau Sorensen
Satire by Beau Sorensen

For Immediate Release: November 9, 2015

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House Democratic Leader Not Surprised By Recent Integrity Grade for Utah

Salt Lake City – In light of the low-grade Utah has recently received by the Center for Public Integrity, House Democratic Leader Brian King issued the following statement:

“We welcome this effort to shed light on problems with Utah’s political process. We welcome any effort at all that could help move the Utah Democratic Party from a superminority to something resembling an actual part of the political process. The Medicaid expansion discussions that have been carried out over the last few months with no input from Democrats have shown how truly ineffective we are. If we mattered, perhaps we would have at least been asked to come to the table to provide input.

“The Gang of Six Republicans worked for seven months behind closed doors and came up with a proposal to expand Medicaid that gathered seven House Republicans supporting it out of 63 members. Seven votes in seven months, in other words, just slightly fewer than the number of guaranteed Democratic votes they would have had.

“Our legislative system is clearly broken. We need greater accountability, limits, and transparency to our political processes. Above all, we need to be a minority party that isn’t just a joke that is told in conversation. We need to somehow have viewpoints that are more in-line with people who are in traditional Republican strongholds like Provo, Ogden, and Moab. We also need to have all Utahns at the table when decisions that are critical importance to their welfare are being made. We need limits on the contributions that can be made to candidates. We also need a commitment from our leaders to receive input from all legislators, regardless of party, to avoid complete one party control in this state. Not that they will do it – after all, this is a wish list from a group that probably has less influence than the Libertarian Party, despite holding a few seats in the legislature.”


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