Honest Press Releases | Utah Republican Party seeks to have Court decide next SB 54 issue because LG’s office is no longer seen as Honest Broker

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by Beau Sorensen
by Beau Sorensen


Monday, November 10th, 2015

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Utah Republican Party seeks to have Court decide next SB 54 issue because LG’s office is no longer seen as Honest Broker

Today James M. Evans, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party, sent a letter asking Lt. Governor Spencer Cox to respect the Party’s position regarding SB 54 and either acknowledge the Party’s rights in deciding how it intends to proceed or frame the issue so that the Party can take it back to court to resolve their disagreement. Government counsel raised an issue at the court hearing held October 27, 2015, which he described for Judge Nuffer as “the next lawsuit” between the Party and the State. The issue raised concerned specifically whether there was a conflict in how Utah Code Ann. §§ 20A-9-101(12)(d) and 20A-9-406(3) should be interpreted. The Party interprets 101(12)(d) as allowing a political party the option of providing for only one nominating option. The government attorney conceded that point, but argued that a different provision, 406(3) conflicted with that provision in granting a member the right to pursue the Party’s nomination through a different option. Now here’s a selectively quoted part of the law to show that we know what we’re talking about:


20A-9-101(12) – “Qualified political party” means a registered political party that:

(d) – permits a member of the registered political party to seek the registered political party’s nomination for any elective office by the member choosing to seek the nomination by either or both of the following methods:
(i)            seeking the nomination through the registered political party’s convention process, in accordance with the provisions of Section 20A-9-407; or
(ii)           seeking the nomination by collecting signatures, in accordance with the provisions of Section 20A-9-408; and

 (The Utah Republican Party has chosen to permit the convention process and its candidates membership in the Party is based, in part, on them adhering to the convention process. In other words, we’ve chosen to ignore the part of the law where we have to allow for a primary and signature option. In the words of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, “no man can stop us.”)

20A-9-406: The following provisions apply to a qualified political party:

(3) an individual may only seek the nomination of the qualified political party by using a method described in Section 20A-9-407, Section 20A-9-408, or both;

“Given that we’re still suing the state, and the recent meany-pants comments in the Salt Lake Tribune by the LG’s Chief Deputy/Chief Elections Officer (http://www.sltrib.com/home/3139170-155/utah-election-dispute-likely-headed-back ), in particular, ‘Notwithstanding all the crazy stuff, with James [Evans] saying it was gutted, to us, we are moving forward as we always have,’ we have decided that we will continue to do what we want. Our delegates are not happy with the loss of influence that SB 54 has wrought upon them, and since we are elected by the delegates, we must continue. We want to proceed to court for a determination since Spencer Cox never should have been appointed Lieutenant Governor. We haven’t even vetted him for higher office at convention yet. Sure, he was elected as a State Legislator, but that was at a county convention, not the state convention. Until LG Cox apologizes to Chairman Evans and vows never to be mean again, we will continue to fight this fight, no matter how quixotic it may seem.”

Click here for the link to the complete trial transcript. Pages 34-36 address the exchange between Judge Nuffer and government’s counsel on this issue. Also, please find attached the letter submitted to the LG’s office today.

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