Some House Bills Dealing with Vehicles

The bills are coming fast and furious this session. Here are some of the more recent ones that deal with vehicles.

HB 350Remove the Prohibition of Carrying a Firearm on a Bus – Currently it’s a third-degree felony to bring a firearm on a bus, regardless of whether the person has a concealed-carry permit. This bill would remove that prohibition so that someone with a permit could still carry their firearm onto a public bus.

HB 354Exempt Vehicle Amendments – This bill would require state and local government vehicles with “EX” on their license plates to include on the vehicle somewhere “How’s My Driving?” and a number to call.

HB 359Driver Training Revisions – This raises the age of someone who hasn’t taken a driver training course to be able to get their driver’s license from 18 to 24.

HB 371Safety Inspection Amendments – This reduces the frequency that certain vehicles have to get their safety inspections.

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