House Democratic Leader Brian King remarks on allegations against Representative Justin Miller [UPH Wire]

House Democratic Leader Brian King remarks on allegations against Representative Justin Miller

June 15, 2015

Thank you for coming this morning. Representative Briscoe, the Assistant Whip for the House Democratic Caucus, and I, the leader of the caucus, are here with other members of the caucus. We excuse Representative Chavez-Houck, the whip of the caucus, who is out of town on a long planned family trip. Representative Brad King is also unable to attend. We also excuse Representative Arent, who is the vice chair of the House Ethics Committee, along with Representatives Wheatley, Poulson, and Romero who also serve on the House Ethics Committee in light of their possible need to act in that capacity in connection with allegations against Representative Miller.


Members of the House, and specifically members of the House Democratic Caucus,  feel strongly about the need for elected representatives to act in a way that warrants the public trust. We believe in, and have often talked about, the need to be ethical, to act in a way that is transparent in our dealings with our constituents, and to be accountable when we err in our judgment in matters that can call into question our integrity as public officials. It is essential that we conduct ourselves in a way that allows us to be effective in acting as representatives for our constituents and for all the people of Utah.


Since allegations of Representative Miller misappropriating funds from the campaign account of the Salt Lake County Mayor were reported in the media last month, there has been much comment and speculation about those allegations. We, along with many of you, have read about the allegations and we are very troubled by them. More complete and accurate information about these allegations has been slow in coming.


Since the allegations have come to light, we have spent many hours over the past month determining what is the best possible way forward. We have spoken to our legal counsel and gathered information about what options would quickly and effectively address our concerns in this matter.  According to the best information we have available, no basis currently exists for an investigation by the ethics committee, although other investigative options may be available.


There is no timetable in place for the completion of the criminal investigations. The information that has been made available in the media undermines the confidence our constituents should have in their legislature. The ongoing investigations significantly impair the ability of Representative Miller to effectively represent the constituents of House District 40.

With these concerns in mind I have asked Representative Miller to resign his seat as a Representative in the Utah State House.

We thank you for your time today, and for your continued involvement in the progress of our great state.

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