The Hub Sheet – Aug 1, 2015: Whiskey Pete

Join the Utah Politico Hub Smart Questions Club: Donald Trump and the first GOP debate and Bernie Sanders and income inequality.

About that online mob justice…

Related. Study: Men who harass women online are literallylosers.

Governor Herbert’s statement and livestream announcement on chairing the National Governors Association.

Becker picked up coveted Whiskey Pete endorsement.

Why you should never split the check at lunch.

Attorney General Sean Reyes on the Planned Parenthood videos.

Reich: Happy birthday Medicare, and stop blaming it for budget problems.

The recordings we sent to aliens in 1977 are now available on Soundcloud.

Gallup’s party ID edge swings back to Democrats.

Our resident GIF master Joe on Orrin Hatch drowning in Benjamins during his “last term,” and Paul Mero’s call to purge the libertarians.

How olive oil explains Greece’s problems.

Leaderless Culture: Donaldson predicts Scott Walker will win the nomination and lose the general election.

A traveling elephant circus with a sketchy history planned for the Cache County Fair is drawing controversy, and a petition to have it canceled.

Conservative Congressman files motion to oust Boehner via procedural loophole.

Facebook is a hive mind. Twitter is for shouting. But Instagram is proving social media can be calm, respectful, and intimate.

The economic impact of industrial robots in 17 countries.

And if all of this leaves you still feeling empty and incomplete,explore the mystery of this abandoned church in Indonesia shaped like a chicken.


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