The Hub Sheet – August 15, 2015: Peak Newsletter

Board of Education members Brittney Cummins and Stan Lockhart talk science standards in our Smart Questions Club.

10 books that were banned for all the wrong reasons.

Study finds kids are getting too much homework, with significant health costs.

A South Korean neighborhood banned cars for a month and everyone loved it.

John English tells a tale of two GOP debates.

How brand new words are spreading across America.

Pyrah on SLC mayoral candidates and the prison move.

Punch Buggies and Perdiddles: The Geography of Road Trip Games.

Senator Dayton’s statement on the EPA triggered Gold King mine spill.

Back in 1993, Congress discussed dealing with an estimated 17,000 stream polluting mines in Utah. Not much came of it.

Robert Frank argues Cable TV bundling is socialism that works. Comments section remains skeptical.

Robots are already messing with our minds.

Social Security turns 80, and most people still don’t understand what it does.

Smoking vehicle complaints along the Wasatch Front are on the rise.

Judge says lawsuit over two-word tweet can move ahead.

Gallup favorables: Rand Paul was the GOP debate Biggest Loser.

Unimpressed? How about a DIY 3D hologram machine using household items? Because you can.

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