The Hub Sheet – Dec 12, 2015: Pot, Public Records, and Knitting for Peace

In a letter, Utah GOP Chair James Evans spells out legal basis for continued SB54 challenge. Is it headed to the Supreme Court?

Holly Richardson enters Senate 14 race, calls for leaders seeking “solutions, not soundbites.”

A 91-year-old Idaho Falls woman knitted gifts for her Muslim doctor after watching an interview with Trump. Her story is going viral.

Philosophical musings on encyclopedias as time capsules.

Paul Mero’s Mero Moment: “Senator Madsen’s Pot Bill.”

Why is Apple is abandoning functional design for beauty?

FEC wants to add John Swallow to campaign finance violations lawsuit.

1500 year old “lost” board game discovered in Chinese tomb.

Utah Rivers Council says there is a big piece missing in the Board of Water Resources’ Lake Powell pipeline plan: How to repay taxpayers.

Levels of education have increased in the US every year since 1991, but so have poverty levels.

Utah Public Lands Commission announces key legal findings, but Democrats say commission has become “a series of bad choices.”

The Utopia Paradox: Improved quality of life doesn’t, alone, ensure happiness.

George Washington University political scientist says Trump’s attacks on Muslims fit history’s patterns of religious persecution against Catholics, Jews, and Mormons.

For the tenth consecutive year, Utah ranks number one for volunteering.

Why hoverboards keep exploding.

The Utah Records Committee sided with Robert Gehrke and the Salt Lake Tribune over a public records dispute with AG Sean Reyes. The AG may take the issue to the courts.

How both major parties are perceived by voters on the big issues of the 2016 campaign.

A new study sheds light on how and why people believe conspiracy theories despite clear contradictory evidence.

And finally, this 5 ounce bird stores 10,000 maps in its brain and you don’t even know where your car keys are.

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