The Hub Sheet – Feb 27, 2016: Cheap Stuff, Super Tuesdays, and Travels to Azerbaijan

Mr. English recaps the latest GOP debate and looks ahead at Super Tuesday.

A Dayton, ID family says their daughter, who took her own life last week, was a victim of vicious cyber-bullying.

Senators Okerlund and Hillyard discuss Trump, Rubio, higher education audits and more via the Utah Senate YouTube channel.

“It’s about a third, a third, and a third,” Rep. Froerer says of medical marijuana’s odds in the house.

Groupon won’s Biggest Spammer 2015 award for email frequency.

Better Utah explains opposition to Rep. Dunnigan’s medicaid proposal. Governor Herbert says welp, it’s better than nothing.

As HB227 awaits hearing in a Senate committee, Jesse Harris hammers out the pros and cons of electronic driver licenses and more.

GOP donors group asks consulting firm to research independent bid should Trump win the nomination.

With topics spanning crime analysis to water usage, 45 different mapping projects using Utah open data will be on display at the capitol Tuesday.

Senator Lee discusses SCOTUS vacancy on the Senate floor.

The astonishing human potential wasted on commuting, visualized.

USU researchers study possible link between social media, video games, and marital happiness.

Let the dandelions grow.

With only two weeks to go, Holly Richardson’s 10 tips for easily following the legislature can help you plug in.

Stuff keeps getting cheaper and that might not be a good thing.

Utah lawmakers criticized for paid trip, praise for Azerbaijan.

SB18 aims to better connect Utah veterans with education jobs.

And finally, pond scum. It’s on Instagram now.

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