The Hub Sheet – Jan 11, 2016: Industrialist dilemmas and the TSA vs. gravy

Rep. Jeremy Peterson explains signing on as co-sponsor of Rep. Arent’s HB119, ending straight ticket voting.

Utah played a key role in Delta Airlines’ near-demise… and revival.

City council member Jenney Rees on how women in politics are treated differently than men in the same positions.

An incredibly thing we all do during conversations.

Ballot Battles: A history of disputed elections in the US.

Sorensen: Candidates expected to worship at the altar of the Party, as led by Chairman Evans.

Former Rep. Justin Miller gets 18 months probation for fraud charge.

Provo wins coveted dirtiest air in the nation award.

A sign of changing housing demands? Ogden council will consider undoing city-wide “mother-in-law” apartment ban.

Unit 9900: The Israeli Army unit recruiting teens with autism.

Sen. Urquhart, who was blogging before blogging was cool, will not seek re-election.

16 predictions for 2016 by Cache Valley columnist Harry Caines.

Former dean of USU’s Quinney College of Natural Resources says some Utah lawmakers have much in common with Oregon militia occupiers.

Scientists embark on data driven research on extreme weather, hoping to reduce crop loss.

The Powerball is at $1.3 billion, and Utahns driving to get their tickets wonder why Utah has no lottery.

The challenges of predicting who will vote.

2015 was a pretty solid year for job growth.

Green sunsets are real.

A film about the history of Southern Utah University wins national recognition.

It’s not just the climate we’re changing. Geologists say mankind’s love of concrete and plastic is changing the Earth’s geology.

Car makers have survived new challenges every decade for a century, but can they survive self-driving cars and changing attitudes toward ownership?

Digital divide: The complexities and inter-connected barriers to broadband adoption.

And finally — you know you’ve wondered — no, you cannot take gravy on your flight. Here is a list of foods you can.

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