The Hub Sheet – June 20, 2015: Don’t want it printed? Don’t let it happen.

FEC files complaint against Jeremy Johnson for illegal donations to Shurtleff, Lee, Reid.

How and eastern Idaho farm boy became a contract torturer.

Orem Owlz: On second thought, “Caucasian Heritage Night” was a dumb idea.  This guy tried to warn them before jumping ship.

Utah ranked #1 in job growth, fourth consecutive month.

Rep. Chaffetz isn’t dropping push for online sales tax.

Quantifying the full costs of raising a child.

Monte Wells says this audio proves BLM gave permission for Recapture protest.

Paul Mero on the nobility, morality, and conservative theme in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

Internet streaming industry: where Goliath needs David, and David needs Goliath?

A renewed push for term limits in Utah.

A new FCC rule could make polling more expensive and less accurate.

Voting is overrated.

SCOTUS: Confederate flag license plates are not free speech.

How a certain Casio watch became a favorite of hipsters… and al-Qaida.

Five facts about today’s father from the PEW data team.

Four reasons Rep. Justin Miller may be refusing to resign.

Is your brain too full?

If the ocean swallows a country, is it still a legal nation?

10 awesome moments from the Denver Maker Faire 2015.

And finally… what the…?

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