The Hub Sheet – Mar 19, 2016: Presidential Hopefuls and Mug Donuts

Salt Lake Tribune’s Matt Canham on why predicting the outcome of Utah’s 2016 caucus is difficult.
Speaking of, everything you need to know to attend a caucus available here.

Study: Who is posting comments on news stories and why are they doing it?

Utah is enjoying it’s 15 minutes in the presidential race. Ad money is being thrown around like parade candy. Twitter coverage via Ben Winslow. And everyone gets a front page! [Kasich] [Cruz] [Trump] [Bernie]

Why the online sales tax bill died.

Speaker Hughes… what the…?


More details emerge on the coal port in California you just bought.

USA Today editor mired in crossword puzzle scandal.

What James Madison thinks of Donald Trump.

One in every six 2016 legislative candidates in Utah can already declare victory.

Married veterans finding success at Utah Valley University.

The unsettling mystery of the creepiest YouTube channel.

Utah’s dumbest criminals.

Visualizing real-time shipping traffic.

Judge grants BLM an extension for Washington County conservation management plan deadline.

Google’s Jigsaw team launches a visual interactive regional news topic tracker.

And finally, when the aliens arrive this is while they’ll let us live.

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