The Hub Sheet: May 31, 2015: The weekly diary of the American dream

Good news for Hebert and Reyes in a recent Dan Jones poll.

Finally! Someone made a documentary of that time Jesse “The Body” Ventura got elected Governor.

City council member and Utah Moms Care blogger Karen Peterson on things to consider before running for office.

Gas prices have crept up, but we’re still $1 per gallon less than prices this time last year.

Everything you could ever need to know about Friday, May 29, 2015.

Who should be the 10 Republican candidates at the first debate?

When it comes to America’s privately owned infrastructure there is very little competition.

Does the USA Freedom Act really improve upon the Patriot Act?  Sort of. Mostly. Maybe.

Did you know there is an Emotional Gatekeeper living in your brain causing you anxiety? It’s true. MIT scientists found it.

Today at 4pm MST, the Senate is expected to debate the Patriot Act, and the USA Freedom Act.  Warm up with Rand Paul talking filibuster on The Daily Show.

Speaker Hughes, that herring couldn’t get any more red.

Economists take a look at “the sharing economy” and find lowered prices and even lower paying jobs.

Utah GOP “grassroots guru” Heather Williamson on SB54, winning friends and elections. And then they took her advice.

Watch an artisan make constructing an acoustic guitarlook easy.

Pew’s Fact Tank blog celebrates it’s one year anniversary with one year in numbers.

First the Sheriff, now a city council member. Sleepy Garland, Utah being not so sleepy.

Stop calling TPP a “trade” agreement.

And finally, did you turn in your expense receipts for reimbursement, Mr. Bond? Yes, there is bureaucracy in espionage.

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