The Hub Sheet – May 9, 2015: The weekly read of successful people

The weekly read of successful people

Joe Pyrah’s infamous news roundup The Sausage Grinder was the daily read of successful Utahns for years.  He’s back, every week day.

Chronic homelessness in Utah approaching “functional zero.”

Deseret Health Group closed care facilities abruptly this week, displacing hundreds in Utah and Wyoming with little explanation from CEO Garrett Robertson. Perhaps one might be found in the Robertson family’s history of fraud?

NC senate bill spawns debate over teachers and free speech.

Comparing price and non-price approaches to water conservation.

10 ways Jade Helm 15 conspiracies could’ve been better.

An Ohio mayor quits over squabble with newspaper and now the lucky town of Akron has a Mayor Moneypenny.

A Utah high school teacher says a new teacher evaluation system reveals only how little lawmakers know about teaching.

From a few million to a few thousand: Elephants in Central Africa vanishing.

Your campaign IT sucks.

Uber and Lyft operating illegally at Salt Lake City Airport, director says.

Richardson: Utah GOP survey, purity panels, and pay-to-play.

Could the June PATRIOT Act renewal be less of a sure thing after this court ruling?

Read the non-disclosure agreement Comcast forced a customer to sign before getting their refund.

Sen. Weiler proposes a resolution thanking Sen. Bramble, Rep. McCay for SB54 compromise.

The Polite Politics Podcast with Rep. Chris Stewart, Baltimore riots, and more.

A look inside “the most ambitious presidential Super PAC to date.”

How to stay human and beat “current events fatigue.”

Data scientists are upset with Facebook’s “filter bubble” algorithm study.

Crops not lawns present Utah’s greatest water challenge.

What happens when Kickstarter crowd funders feel jilted? Rage.

Mysterious Oregon lake disappears down a hole every year.

Property taxes have outpaced inflation nationally for 15 consecutive years.

Unimpressed by all these links? Then meet the fella who cut out his own appendix and took pictures because wouldn’t you?

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