The Hub Sheet – Monday February 10, 2015

Wait, what just happened?

Luke Skywalker is a daddy?

Eyebrows raised over proposed closed-door Healthy Utah discussion.

BetFair has the 2016 GOP hopeful power rankings.  So who’s a 9-way-tie-truther? What about a re-shuffler?

Remember the @UTLEGtracker?

An Open Letter to Parents, Utah Legislators, and Newly Elected State School Board MembersConcerning Education Legislation from a Public School Educator.

Republicans vs. Nerds. (Nerds always win)

Highlights from the Attorney General’s Common Core report.

Former Sutherland Institute president Paul Mero stirs the pot on religious liberty and non-discrimination.

Meet Dr. Google.

“Judicial chaos” (that’s a thing?) in Alabama.

Lawmakers advance “right to try” legislation for the terminally ill.

And if all of this is too much, be heart-warmed, or very creeped out by the Happy Face the Hubble telescope just found in space.  Looking at us.  Contemplating…


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