Why the best response to the attacks in Paris may be to take in even more refugees.

Pyrah cheers John Pearce for Utah’s Supreme Court (despite his lack of goatee), and says the Guv should be more charitable with his black-tie gala money haul.

A Stanford study found students in online K-12 charters are learning far less than students in public schools.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, and his close ties to pharmaceutical companies, have become an unlikely impediment to the TPP trade deal.

Data journalism and drugs: Narcodata aims to contextualize Mexico’s organized crime data, and CMS maps opioid prescriptions by county and zip code.

Holly Richardson on the art of real leadership.

Court agrees to toss parking ticket over missing comma in a city ordinance.

Special Session? Yes? No? Maybe? Speaker Hughes gets testy with Gov. Herbert over special session press releases and USBE selection. Kim R Burningham says we should hope one doesn’t happen for SB54.

“Don’t say data caps.” Comcast customer service script leaked.

Mero: Utah’s “freedom movement” missing the mark on understanding freedom.

Lobbyist group using debate adds to smear the CFPB, the agency investigating their largest client for consumer fraud.

A little perspective is important regarding Utah’s D- in “integrity” from the Center for Public Integrity.

How Trump is keeping himself at the center of the GOP race.

More Utah Politico Hub Honest Press Releases: Utah GOP on Lt. Gov Spencer Cox and SB54.

Report: Every county in Utah has a wait list for senior caregiver services.

Fox Business’s GOP debate, and the week in polls.

Future markets gambling on science.

Midgets and possums.

State senator and NCSL president Curt Bramble talks about the upcoming NCSL Capitol Forum in DC.

Harvard has hundreds of freezers full of toenails.

The myth about carrots and vision was an Allied forces intelligence gambit to stump the Nazis.

And if none of the above gave you the jazz hands, check out the recently published and peer reviewed scientific study on kangaroos passing gas.

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