The Hub Sheet – Oct 10, 2015: Controversial road designs and rabid sports fans

Under pressure to run for Speaker, Paul Ryan talks to Mitt Romney.

Holly rounds up all you need to be up to speed on the Speaker race in Wait! What the heck just happened?

Soon-to-be-former-Rep Justin Miller is charged, resigns, hints in statement a super huge down low federal investigation of Salt Lake County. Pshaw, DA Sim Gill says.

Survey: More than 1 in 5 female undergrads experience sexual attacks.

A controversial road design in Layton set to open Sunday.

Pyrah likes that drama in the US House speaker race eliminates our penchant for coronations.

Were anti-vaxxers right about vaccines all along? No. Don’t be silly. But this is still an interesting story about a flaw scientists found in the flu shots.

Swallow, Graves and Miller… theft, bankruptcies and Ashley Madison… Dan asks: Are we failing to vet candidates?

What science has to say about “sounding presidential.”

Sports start-ups are scoring big because team fan bases are more rabid and insane than even Trump’s.

Mero Moment: Some concerns about that Envision Utah survey and the future of Utah politics.

An award-winning documentary exploring police use of force using two Utah cases is screening in Ogden his weekend.

Meanwhile, in St. George: “It’s Footloose,” Keddington said at the time. “This is Footloose.”

Report: Twitter prepping for layoffs next week.

Aviation company contracted to provide flights from Moab to Salt Lake City doesn’t actually have any airplanes to do that with, their bad.

Check out the Facebook of the 16th century.

Why were so many education reformers bad students?

Doctors may be unintentionally violating HIPPAA using Windows 10.

Non-voters matter too.

Driving is making us dumb, sick, and lonely.

And finally, Brazil’s newly discovered cancer curse may be the first key to a cancer cure.

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