The Hub Sheet – Oct 31, 2015 – Sparring Senators, Crime Syndicates, and Murderous Kittens

John English: 56 things I learned from the CNBC GOP debate.

Utah Senators Hatch and Lee trade passive aggressive jabs over the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. Watch. [Hatch] [Lee].

Heard of the “community caretaking doctrine?” When it comes to search and seizure in Utah, the Utah Supreme Court sure has.

Highland City council member Rod Mann asks is Prop 1 good or bad for Highland?

4800 McKay-Dee patients may have been exposed to hepatitis C.

Are Republicans really in disarray? Nate Silver debates Nate Silver.

Massive Grand Canyon-like crack mysteriously appears in Wyoming.

Rep. Spendlove: Next steps on Medicaid expansion.

Huntsman, Salt Lake Tribune purchase talks break down.

Lt. governor Spencer Cox, GOED tour businesses in Cache County.

Speaker Greg Hughes says everyone from hospitals to Americans for Prosperity are mad at him over Utah Access +.

Bankruptcy filings at their lowest since 2007.

Utah DWS director testifies before Congress on Utah’s intergenerational poverty study.

Data intelligence analysts say what was once considered clinical paranoia is now reality in our Big Data age.

Contributed op-ed: Elections and “Fail Mail.” (Submit your own, here.)

Electronic Frontier Foundation steps up fight to squelch patent troll attorneys.

State lawmakers consider a proposal to encourage public colleges to rethink “biggest, shiniest” buildings.

Japan’s largest crime syndicate forced to cancel it’s Halloween celebration for kids. Yeah, you read that right.

And finally, Happy Halloween! Celebrate with these kittens recreating classic horror films.

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