The Hub Sheet – Sept 19, 2015: Midwives, Cheeseburgers and Edward Snowden

Science or PR campaign? Why Americans give birth in hospitals.

There is a disconnect between the way the media reports on and they way we actually experience the economy.

Election 2016: Have the polls gone mad? Or are they telling us something?

Farm-to-Fridge aims to get farmer’s markets online.

Mero Moment: Paul breaks down Jonathan Johnson’s campaign.

Give him his damn clock back!

Utah House Majority Caucus to meet Sept 29 on Medicaid expansion.

Utah Data Points says if Trump wins the GOP nomination, it’s possible Utah could be a swing state.

Edward Snowden will speak in Park City this Dec.

Bernie Sanders spoke at conservative Liberty University. See how that went down.

7 best places to get a cheeseburger in Northern Utah.

CAP Utah says the latest census numbers on poverty show a need for more education funding.

Nathan Givens says the abortion video Fiorina mentioned doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t matter. tackles Planned Parenthood comments and more from the second debate.

Utah lawmakers hike and raft in eastern Utah on a two-day field trip focused on tourism’s role in local economies.

The world’s first all-female patrol is stopping poachers in South Africa.

What has a brain smaller than it’s eye, flies at 60 miles per hour, and annoys Republican lawmakers? The New Yorker profiles Utah’s Mighty Sage Grouse.

FCC tells court ISPs don’t have a first amendment right to edit the internet for their subscribers.

Pew: American libraries at a crossroad.


And finally, fully set to run for cover after linking to it, BYU… the dirtiest team in college football?

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