Ignorance is worse than stupidity

By David Rogers

Well, our good friend Harry Caines is at it again. On September 28th he published a piece labeling 95% of Trump voters as just plain stupid. As a Trump voter (and a highly educated and informed one I might add) let’s once again look at some of the facts and explore a few principles.

Let’s start off with cultural opinion in a fair counter. As a man with a post-graduate education, I find the New York Times to be a compromised, liberal propaganda rag. They ceased any real journalism well before Hillary was playing footsie with a portion of our uranium reserves and the Russians. Same with the Washington Post, Newsweek and numerous other corporate controlled wastes of paper. And I saw Don Giovanni in Vienna performed by the Vienna Opera Company in 2015. I thought it was periodically offensive, adolescent tripe despite the genius of Mozart’s compositions. As the Company introduced it, they noted the production was originally blackballed in many circles across Europe for its moral turpitude. These opinions aside, my scrutiny of Trump and my vote for Trump was based on policy and principle, not so much on personality. Every level of the Trump decision was based on careful analysis. There were apparently a lot of other Americans that felt similarly.

Let’s start with the whole “Make America Great Again” theme. Nice catchphrase. But what is behind it? Let’s start with the fact that, as a business owner, our economy is drowning in debt and over-regulation. Who would even think to give more than lip service and step up and face this continually more distorted and crushing economic reality? Obamacare is driving the health care system to a single payer socialist meltdown. Ask England how that is going. Nationalism and correspondent national pride are in desperate need of resurgence (and that is economic Nationalism and the restoration of the good ol’ work ethic, not ethnic Nationalism such as the corrupt press portrays to try and keyhole every issue). Fundamental American business interests do need to come first as we have been selling our country down the road for years now to domestic and foreign special interests.

Our tax structure has been onerous for years. Manufacturing, service jobs and other economic benefactors have been fleeing our country for years to greener pastures, like Ireland. How about getting our military back on its feet? And how about some actual criteria-based and rational immigration policies, somewhere in between a closed border and a wide open door ala Obama? And what are the odds of actually trying to reduce spending and start drawing down on the national debt?

Trump is trying to alleviate these issues. He addressed each of these issues in his campaign and for once I took a candidate at his word. Certainly not something you could ever do with Hillary, who swings her opinion like a metronome depending on what public opinion suggests. Do I give Trump style points? Not particularly. As Paul Mero points out he is a New Yorker, and a bit of a narcissist. But his narcissism, in my humble opinion, is driven by the desire for results more than piling up the ego. He sees things a certain way, and he wants them done a certain way. He values achievement, even if he likes his moniker associated with those achievements. That’s a good start in my book. One man’s narcissism may be another man’s leadership and vision.

And Trump has begun to chip away at this agenda. The further down the road we go, the more I like the guy. I still do not rate him the highest on style, but as has been mentioned, he is quintessential New York. Even his detractors have to admit he does not hide his feelings. I would rather have a gruff and unapologetic guy give it to me with the bark on than a smoothly sophisticated prevaricator.

As for lies and truths, I say let’s look at the results over time. If Trump can accomplish even a portion of the above-mentioned agenda, particularly with an adversarial Congress (who have been exposed for the posers they are), an economy with underpinnings on life support (confidence alone will not keep things flying) and an uncooperative media, he will have done more than anyone since Reagan. But wanting to accomplish such an agenda and somehow navigating the quicksand and alligators that are the D.C. swamp are two different things altogether. Trump is playing against a stacked deck and he knows it. Whether he has an ace or two up his sleeve remains to be seen.

And Harry must face the facts that whatever delusional hopes Trump voters might hold for some actual results that help America (as opposed to the Obama and Clinton style of globalist sell-out and identity politics aimed at undermining America) they are likely far more informed than your average propagandized liberal. CampusReform recently demonstrated this very thing when they put the details of the Trump tax plan to a group of Trump haters and told them it was Bernie Sanders’ plan. Hilarity at the ignorance of the young and liberal at heart ensues here:


Trump voters are not stupid. They simply know America is in tough shape, and it will take a tough guy to steer the ship back on course. Trump is rude and crude at times and is still learning the whole diplomacy thing (sometimes difficult for many CEOs), but he is no dummy. He knows the score, even better than us supporters do. Can he pull a rabbit out of a hat and bring us back from the brink? With a bought and paid for Congress and a deep state bureaucracy hell bent on torpedoing his agenda, I would not bet on it. But as long as he pushes his voiced agenda I am going to cheer like crazy for the guy to succeed, with the hope he really means what he says.

If Trump cannot pull it off, neither Harry nor I will have to worry about who had the better take on things. We will all be on the fast train to the New America, the Next Banana Republic. We all need to forget the hyperbole and rhetoric and examine the actual issues and policies on their face. Trump has many of the right ideas. It remains unclear whether he or any candidate past or future can pull such monumental reform off. Heaven knows we need it, and that simple statement is as smart as it gets.

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