I’ll See Your Head Tax And Raise You A Credit [Productive Activities]


Senator Pat JonesThe Head Tax is an idea that’s been around for at least a decade. It’s an idea that purports to secure additional funding for public education. It’s called Head Tax because it would force families to pay extra income tax for every child they have. You see, when you file your taxes, you get a deduction for each dependent, which means your tax bill drops. Since all income tax in Utah goes to education, the Head Tax people think that means you’re not paying your fair share.

After all, it’s your kids filling up the schools, costing the state money. Listen to the Head Tax folks make the case for you to take greater responsibility for the education of your kids:

“Utahns need to start being more financially responsible for the education of their own children.”

“Can we begin to talk about a head tax per child in school? Can we make some monetary sacrifices for our own children?”

“If you have a lot of kids, you should be prepared to care for them. This is not an anti-family bill. It’s a pro-family bill. We all benefit from high quality education.”

How so very conservative of them! What with their personal responsibility and pro family stance. These quotes could have been pulled straight from Atlas Shrugged! I have to admit, when I first started hearing of this proposal this past summer, I thought it might have merit.

But then I did the math.

The Head Tax folks are telling me that my taxes aren’t enough to cover the expenses my four kids represent to the state – they’re a net drain on public education. If that’s true, then if my kids, and my tax money, were to leave the system, public education would be better off financially. No more drain on the system! No more not pulling my own weight, not paying my fair share!

So, Head Tax people, I’m calling your bluff. If I’m not pulling my weight around here, kindly ask me to leave. Refund me my income tax and I’ll figure out some other way to educate my kids. Maybe we’ll both be better off.

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