Inflamed Impeachment Inquiry Intimates International Influence

“People need to keep in mind we have a legal system in this country, but not necessarily a system of justice”. – Former CIA Regional Director Robert David Steele

#MadamSpeaker today, #PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter, #MLKWeekend is underway” – January 18, 2019 Tweet by Donna Brazile, Former Chair of the Democrat National Committee

By David Rogers

As yet another ill-conceived attempt to delegitimize the Trump administration continues the question lingers as to what continues to drive all of this. As the inquiry drags on the case against Trump gets thinner and thinner and the partisanship more obvious. Voters understand this despite deceptive coverage from the cooperative media and Schiff, Pelosi and the Democrats must see that the polls are swinging hard against them. So why keep pushing such a divisive and unsubstantiated narrative?

To view it through the lens of partisan politics is to miss half of the point. As Donna Brazile obviates, the Democrats certainly wish to oust Trump (and eventually Pence) and install Pelosi as President. They realize the 2020 election may already be lost, so other tactics are needed. However, the turmoil extends far beyond such internal intrigue. Ukraine is an international issue with international money entangled throughout. Trump has openly called for a trial in the Senate as his administration seeks to tactfully expose the full scope of past corruption.

An open trial, with all requisite deposition and witness calling, will reveal that it was not the Trump administration afoul in Ukraine, but in fact, corruption has been endemic by Biden, Obama and the Clinton State Department for years. These are facts that Schiff has avoided in his protected group of “whistleblowers”, side-stepping any federal rules of evidence.

And, as in all of these cases, the best method to uncover actual truth is “follow the money”. As Peter Schweitzer reveals in his book “Hidden Empires”, there was a river of billions of dollars of U.S aid flowing into Ukraine under Obama and Biden through the State Department led by Clinton. This money disappeared into a number of corrupt entities, including but not limited to Burisma. These events were also associated with a coup in 2014 when a series of violent events in Kiev culminated in the ousting of the elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government.

As Schweitzer outlines, and as elucidated by Glenn Beck’s brilliant documentary entitled “The Democrat’s Hydra”, our own State Department was concurrently funding an NGO with none other than George Soros called “Ukraine Civil Society” and that entity was openly training radicals within Ukraine and many of its native organizations to foment the type of change that erupted in 2014. After the “revolution” that we helped fund, our own oligarchical class, including Biden and friends, moved to cash in on opportunities with the new Leftist regime. That regime was just replaced by a new populist President, Volodymyr Zelensky, prompting Trump to enquire of the new President his desire to clean things up, things far beyond Biden.

George Soros is on record in 2017 stating that Donald Trump was “the greatest threat to world order” on the earth today. That statement is true, if your idea of world order is funneling dollars into organizations that seek to overthrow sovereign governments and establish global socialism that funnels cash into the hands of elites. And this is exactly what has been going on in Ukraine and other countries with U.S. tax dollars in combination with Soros funded NGO’s.

Enter President Trump and what is one of his first priorities? To cut off wasteful taxpayer dollars that flow into countries like Ukraine and disappear. And he has done just that. The Internationalists are quite upset that the spigot has been turned off. It is their influence and money that is urging Schiff and his cronies to dump Trump and get someone in power who will turn the faucet back on. Schiff is all too happy to comply, knowing that it looks less and less likely Trump would be voted out next November. If Schiff succeeds he gets the added benefit of fast-tracking his cronies back into power.

As usual, none of this is good for the moral, political or economic fabric of the country, and the average voter has no idea the extent of corruption to which their own tax dollars have contributed. But these facts are well established on the ground in Ukraine and elsewhere, and there is a justifiable concern. Meanwhile, the press is negligent in not sharing the whole story. We are reduced to shredding the political fabric of our country to divert attention from past indiscretions, and the world is watching. Expect this to lash back against Democrats in 2020.

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