When do issues with political fundraising actually concern Alliance for a Better Utah?

By Jesse Harris
By Jesse Harris

Remember when Alliance for a Better Utah was a fighter for clean, ethical campaign fundraising? A quick look at their own website shows that they’ve spent a lot of bytes going after what they perceive to be campaign financing evils and violations. Heck, they even demanded a quick way to investigate any allegation of violating campaign finance laws. So given that Utah House Democrats stand accused of illegally fundraising at the Capitol, ABU should be all over this one like they were with Mike Lee’s home sale, right? Pfft, as if.

One thing you notice very quickly when looking through every last thing that ABU writes is that they always attack Republicans and never attack Democrats. No, really, go search their website and try to find something. Back already? Didn’t believe you’d find nothing either? Shocking, I tell you. It’s almost as if their claims of being a non-partisan organization are as paper-thin as many of their arguments. Given this, it comes as no real surprise that their ardent position of treating all accusations as fact falls completely flat when their ideological allies are on the receiving end.

If this were the first time that Alliance for a Better Utah  has managed to fall flat on its hypocritical face through silence or cheap nonsensical stunts, we could probably just roll our eyes and move on. By now, though, they have a pattern and a reputation. It’s to a point where multiple progressives facepalm and wonder if ABU is doing much more harm than good to their issues and causes. I can tell you from the other side of the ideological isle that none of us are taking them seriously, and its dumb things like this that will only perpetuate it.

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