Jason Chaffetz destroys Brian Wonnacott in UT-03 debate

Jason Chaffetz destroys Brian Wonnacott in UT-03 debate
Jason Chaffetz congratulates Brian Wonnacott for surviving their debate on October 7, 2014. (Photo: Tom Smart/Deseret News)

Republican Jason Chaffetz is the incumbent congressman representing Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. Brian Wonnacott is his Democratic challenger. The two men debated on October, 7, 2014, at UVU. What happened was the most lopsided political debate I have ever seen.

Chaffetz was focused prepared, confident and on-message. Wonnacott was the opposite of all those things. This should spur interest in future Democrats into running, because there are so many people who could have done a better job. I could have registered as a Democrat the night before and done zero prep and done a better job giving Democratic answers than he did.

The topics varied. The first two questions were on Ebola, which didn’t make sense to me, but okay, let’s roll with it. Wonnacott tried to steer it to immigration. At one point, moderator David Magleby asked about global warming. Wonnacott said that global warming is real; ask the polar bears and the seals. Chaffetz said the Al-Gore-defined global warming is a farce. Other topics, Wonnacott just didn’t know how to answer. His uncomfortable silence and hesitation trying to give an answer on Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac was Bob Newhart-worthy.

The only time Wonnacott didn’t appear extremely uncomfortable were for his opening and closing remarks, which he read. In closing, he said he isn’t religious, but his family is, and he quoted a scripture from Mosiah that he felt aligned with his philosophy.

I was active on #utdebates as I watched. Just to give you an idea what it was like watching:


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