Jim Dabakis: Unlike GOP and the endless Swallow wallow, let’s get this Justin Miller matter cleared-up fast

Jim Dabakis: Unlike GOP and the endless Swallow wallow, let's get this Justin Miller matter cleared-up fast
by Sen. Jim Dabakis

As usual, House Minority Leader Brian King has it right. When the people’s confidence in their elected officials has been seriously questioned the situation needs to be addressed immediately by those public officials who stand accused. Waiting for weeks, months or even years is not acceptable. The business of the state and the right of constituents to be represented by unencumbered representation must rule the day. These matters ought not to be solely addressed by the laborious judicial process. Public officials should put the public good ahead of their own personal issues. People have a right to know if their elected officials are crooks.

Frankly, I don’t care if they are Republicans or Democrats. Actually, I do care because I hold Democrats to a much higher standard than the GOP. If someone wants to sully their own name and political career that is their issue. But when they carry the tag Utah Democrat, they bring the reputation and integrity of so many honest, hard working Democratic politicians through the mud. These Democrats are the great hope of the state of Utah. Men and woman I love and honor (even the House members).

Allowing their reputations to be sullied is not acceptable. If public officials are dishonest they should leave–immediately and spare the public the drama. Just move on with their lives–and away from public scrutiny. Whatever the judicial process–Mr Miller must to speak out to the public and his constituents–and make his case–perhaps he can explain himself. But time is not on his side. Mr Miller needs to explain his side the allegations to his constituents and the Utah public immediately. If not, he should face the consequences. Silence is not golden!

Originally posted at The Dabakis Factor

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