Other candidates for Utah’s open congressional seat have fully operating websites, including on-the-issues pages.

by Rhett Wilkinson

When it came to his website, John Curtis, the Republican candidate for Utah’s open congressional seat, was inaccessible.

As late as 12:36 p.m. Sept. 11, neither on-the-issues nor contact pages were existent. (On Aug. 27, I first sought out his issues page that political candidates usually have before learning that nothing except the landing page could be accessed, besides links there to donate or volunteer.)

The websites of other candidates for the seat are a different story. Each of the pages from the websites of Kathie Allen and Jim Bennett, the Democratic and United Utah Party challengers, respectively, worked fine.

A campaign staffer said that a “new and improved” website is coming. When asked for a timeline, he provided a campaign email address. (Again, I couldn’t contact Curtis through his website.)

The campaign did not reply.

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  • Republitarian

    Why the surprise? This is Mitt Romney’s preferred candidate, being a one without principle or character foundation. Mittens, of course, is the main push behind SB54 which he funded along with Johnny Curtis’ campaign.
    Mittens was too lazy to get himself elected president, even when Barack Obama played dead, so now he wants to punish the Republican Party for not supporting his “Kill Jobs at any Price” agenda. His objective has always been to hide candidates from public view and this is just another example of his deceitfulness.
    Oh, and by the way, is that John Curtis in the picture above or the Jimmy Dean sausage roll from Vermont?