John Swallow and massive data recovery

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The House investigative committee met again to discuss potential legislation resulting from the Swallow investigation. They discussed several different bills (including one that beefs up the section of code that deals with organized crime!!) but one of the most important bits of information came at the end of the meeting.

Chairman Jim Dunnigan spoke to committee members and notified them that there was a significant amount of additional data that had just been recovered. If you remember, out of all the devices that John Swallow had been using, only one was not lost. It was the hard drive to the home computer that crashed. He turned that one over to an outside “expert” who could not recover a darn thing. Not a darn thing.

As it turns out, with a different IT expert, 99% of the data on the hard drive was, in fact, recovered. Part of that data includes 1300 emails that are responsive to the House committee-issued subpoenas.

Did you get that?


A question was asked about the content of the emails that had been reviewed to date. Dunnigan replied that the emails corroborated the allegations they had been investigating.

Rod Snow, Swallow’s attorney, sent an email to at least one media outlet stating “None of these documents come even close to supporting the view that John was involved in nefarious deeds. Those arguments are simply a legislative fairy tale.”

Le sigh.


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