Johnson for Governor campaign sends provocative mailer to state delegates

Jonathan Johnson has upped the ante today in his ongoing campaign to highlight the differences he would bring as Governor of Utah. In a DVD mailer his campaign sent to every state delegate, he delivers a nearly 4 minute listing of what he would do for the citizens of Utah. In a press release accompanying the mailer, he says:

by Beau Sorensen
by Beau Sorensen

“I am running to make Utah even better. While there have been some statements from both sides, we know the game and we’re going to play it. I just want to tell you all how I am feeling: a full commitment’s what I’m thinking of. You won’t get that from Governor Herbert. He’s going to let you down and may even make you cry as you think of the increased tax bill you’re receiving. I’m never going to let you down. I’m never going to tell a lie and hurt you.”

Campaign manager Dave Hansen praised the unique way that Johnson is connecting with the voters, saying “ever since Jason Chaffetz killed delegate lunches, it’s been hard to get our message out to those voters. By sending out this informative DVD, people will see that there is a clear difference between the two candidates. You wouldn’t get this from any other guy.”

We reached out to Governor Herbert, who said “It’s always the same. He’s playing his game and it may be unique, but won’t be enough for him to win. I’ve wandered around the streets of towns all over Utah and until he gets out and does the same, he won’t have the knowledge he needs to succeed.”

For those who haven’t seen the video yet, Utah Politico Hub has procured a copy and posted it on YouTube for you to see more of Jonathan Johnson’s platform and thoughts.

In case you’re not sure how we’re feeling, know that Beau would never give you up, let you down, run around and desert you, make you cry, but he might play an April Fools joke on you. Happy April Fools Day!

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