Join the Hub Debate: Is Racism in America Dead?

Is racism in America dead?

Join the Hub Debate: Is Racism in America Dead?
(Pat Bagley – Salt Lake Tribune. Used with Permission.)

Utah Politico Hub Readers and Contributors:

We invite you–because you have contributed thoughts and posts on the Hub in the past–to consider the following topic.

Is racism in America dead?

As protests about police killings, Eric Garner’s death, and Michael Brown’s shooting continue across the nation, more people are asking whether racism is alive and well in the United States.

A headline in Esquire offers “IF YOU NEEDED FURTHER PROOF RACISM IS NOT DEAD,” sharing anecdotes about discrimination at drinking fountains and microwaves.

Meanwhile, Forbes spells out the opposite with “Racism in America is Over.”

Which is it? And what will it take for America to arrive at a post-racial society?

What do you think? Please submit your posts, columns, and quick hits on the topic, and we’ll publish it at Utah Politico Hub in the coming week.

The Hub Debate:

Here are the rules:

  1. Form an opinion: “Is racism in America dead?” 
  2. Write a short post. There are no space requirements, but most readers lose attention after 500 words.
  3. Send it to us ASAP.
  4. We’ll roll out the posts on the topic all week.

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