Julie Dole on Gary Ott, in her own Facebook posts

By Jesse Harris

I’ve known Julie Dole for several years, casually, since I was a precinct chair in WHT004 and she was county chair of the Salt Lake County. Through the saga of her boss, Gary Ott, I’ve been trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to do so.

These two Facebook posts are after the story initially broke in March.

Both of these posts are two months before the Salt Lake Tribune reported on Gary Ott having a hard time answering questions from the Salt Lake County Council. In the months after that, Dole posted four more times showing pictures of Gary Ott in normal situations,

All of this seems to show a pattern of presenting Gary Ott as being in good health and of sound mind. Contrast this with her post-Wednesday after additional news stories about Ott.

This is a curious change, from seeming to present a picture of “all is well, Gary is fine” to “I just work here, don’t ask me anything.” When Dan McCay presented the option on Twitter of someone replacing Ott, Dole fired back.

The implication here is that Dole has been running the office in Gary’s absence for longer than his apparent health and mental issues have been reported. That paints a fairly troubling picture of how the Salt Lake County Recorders office is functioning. It also doesn’t seem to reconcile with previous posts.

I like Julie. I hope she’s not doing what she stands accused of, manipulating an elected official in poor mental health for professional and political gain. The evidence, though, is making it really hard to not consider that conclusion reasonable.

Have you seen other contradictions? Post them in the comments. 

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