Was Justin Miller Kicked Out of the Democratic Party?

Tonight, I was looking at the Utah Democratic Party’s web site, and something troubled me:

Representative Justin Miller, Freshman Democrat representing district 40 (Millcreek) is missing from the list of elected officials.

Which could only mean three things:

1) Representative Miller was abducted by aliens and therefore is no longer representing the good people of Millcreek (my parents will miss having you as their Representative).

2) Representative Miller was kicked out of the Utah Democratic Party for unknown reasons.  Maybe he failed a James Evans-esque litmus test.

3) The Utah Democratic Party went partway updating their web site after the most recent election.  Which we all know could never be the case.  This is the group talking about using the internet to run their Presidential Primary next year.  Couldn’t be that.

I’m going with #2.  Or maybe #1.

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