Killing O’Reilly

“It is now clear that fake news can have real world consequences. This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk. Lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days and do their jobs. Congress and…Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news.” – Hillary Clinton at Harry Reid’s Retirement Ceremony, 12-8-16.

By David Rogers

Hillary Clinton fired the first salvos on the remaining conservative media last December. Using her mantra, “fake news” is now being categorized as any news that does not coincide with the prevailing liberal mindset that dominates the mainstream media, arguably the fakest of all possible news. But her speech decried an ominous precedent. And that precedent is beginning to manifest itself in real world consequences.

The latest casualty in the now burgeoning war against so-called “fake news” has just had a tombstone erected. Last week was the first week in over twenty years which featured no O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel. Bill O’Reilly has been a staple of conservative news and commentary. His evening program, along with his Killing series books, have been a personal favorite, as well as a favorite of many friends and acquaintances.

This is not to say I always agreed with Mr. O’Reilly. There were times I thought he stopped short or missed altogether on certain issues. But that his stances did not lean far enough right is not the issue. The way leftist character assassins took on the task of killing O’Reilly, one of the few remaining pundits that actually had a shred of conservatism, is of much greater concern.

How did the number one cable news show for twenty years suddenly get taken off the air? The first step was the “retirement” of Roger Ailes as the head of Fox News over a year ago. He was replaced by Rupert Murdoch, a globalist media manipulator. Fox has started to move more centrists ever since, with less and less of the open criticism of socialist and globalist policies from the far left. Ailes was removed, if we look back carefully, for alleged sexual improprieties with female employees at Fox over the years.

Fast forward to a month or two ago and a New York Times article uncovered the fact that Fox News had paid out millions to quell sexual harassment claims from employees of O’Reilly at the network. With PC blackmail fodder in hand, the Soros driven lefties, led by such front groups as Media Matters, began blasting advertisers and other sponsors of the O’Reilly factor. Corporate leaders cowered and buckled, and ad revenues began disappearing from the show.

Pressure was put on Murdoch from many angles, including his own two liberal sons, to fire O’Reilly and silence the controversies. Never mind that there was no proof of harassment, only allegations and out-of-public settlements (likely cheaper and less ostentatious than actually having a litigious lawyer take a media monolith to trial). Never mind that liberal figures throughout the last thirty years carried on actual illicit relationships without a peep from any left wing critics. See Kennedy, Clinton, LBJ, David Letterman, even FDR for historical reference.

And now Sean Hannity is targeted for the same treatment with charges of, can you guess, sexual harassment. Hannity has chosen to fight back, hiring a crack legal team to push back on slanderous allegations. Combine all of this with the fact that Google and You Tube have picked up on Clinton’s mantra and are de-monetizing any and every conservative alternative media outlet such as Alex Jones, Larry Hagmann, Dave Hodges, Jeff Rense, Lisa Haven, etc., etc., and we have a disturbing trend.

That trend is a corporate movement, dominated by dedicated leftist acolytes, to silence any media that supports a conservative agenda. It is literally a pointed political assault on the First Amendment and any remaining freedom of the press. It adds up to nothing less than forced conformity to a specific world view through economic and political intimidation. Silicon Valley has joined this campaign in allegiance with socialist politicians. The left is moving quickly to have a one-sided media presentation throughout America. This leftist only media viewpoint has been dominant in Europe for decades. It looks like America is next on the one-world propaganda blitzkrieg.

That is pure fascism through coercion in its finest garb. And if the American people do not soon open their eyes to what is actually happening, we will soon find ourselves enveloped by socialist/globalist propaganda on virtually every media outlet left available. This is a very concerning trend, it should motivate anyone reading this to boycott the actual “fake news” that the mainstream media has rapidly become. We should be wary of anything Clinton might support, for it is apparent there are insidious agendas behind almost every sentence she utters. We must be vigilant and support conservatism in the media at any cost, and we can only wish Bill O’Reilly a speedy recovery to a better platform. Besides his career, our future freedom may depend on it.

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