Know Your Concurrent Resolution – H.C.R. 2

H.C.R. 002 – Designating “Identify Your Pet Day”

National Pet ID Week is April 20-26, and the inspiration for this concurrent resolution came from a senior at Jordan High School to designate April 18 as “Identify Your Pet Day.”

“It is a reasonable resolution. It may help some pet owners find a lost pet and save it from being euthanized and has no fiscal note,” said Sen. Brian Shiozawa, senate sponsor for the CR. The resolution recommends that owners implant identification chips in their pets or their pets’ collars. The language of the bill states that “pet owners will more likely be reunited with their lost pets and fewer taxpayer dollars will be spent housing lost animals.”¬†Salt Lake County Animal Services estimates it costs them $33 a day to shelter a pet, and unclaimed animals are eventually euthanized.

HCR002 passed the House with a 65-6-4 vote and currently awaits a Senate vote. Rep. Brian Greene, one of the 6 nay votes, explained, “We have too many ‘special days’ already and I don’t see an important public policy in designating one day to identifying your pet.”

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