Korean chess

“It’s important to stand behind our South Korean allies. But if we pay heed to the lessons of history talking to North Korea will be fruitless[.]” – John Bolton, National Security Advisor of the United States

David Rogers

The subject of “historic” talks between North and South Korea, supposedly brokered by the U.S, and triggered with the appointment of John Bolton, are dominating real news headlines. Based on the current geopolitical landscape, this development, which some conservative pundits claim has brought Trump into consideration for the Nobel peace prize, is actually nothing more than a ruse. It is a delay tactic concocted by the Chinese using Kim Jong Un as the frontman and messenger for a high stakes game of Korean Chess. It is a game every American should take with great concern.

In February, this inevitability was shown in premonition by the appearance of Kim’s sister at the Winter Olympics, a fact not lost on the fawning, leftist press. But what is the real aim of such talks? In fact, it is a strategy to divert the U.S. from the actual goal of Asian and Russian Communist powers, the eventual takedown of the West.

In February, President Trump signed the new omnibus bill, despite protestations of pork-laden aspects of the legislation. Trump was quoted as saying the bill was necessary for “national security”. And he was correct. For the last eight years the Obama administration, through sequestration and a number of super liberal appointments and policies, had whittled the U.S military down to bare bones and increasingly ineffectual operation. Even Obama’s own secretary of Defense went on record questioning the U.S ability to sustain a two-front conflict.

China, Russia, Iran and others have been sharpening their knives (and rapidly beefing up their military) looking forward to an opportunity to remove the U.S as both a dominant economic and military power. The last decade had our forces near a nadir where that might be a realistic possibility. In one swipe of the pen, Trump committed nearly $800 Billion in new military spending over the next two years. China and its pals are now forced to rethink their strategy. They cannot allow that money to be converted into shiny new military capabilities on our part, or the geopolitical chessboard gets tilted back in our favor. It could set the demise of the West back decades. They have a very short time to calculate a response to this new development.

So it is Kim to the rescue with a series of “peace talks” where de-nuclearization and unification of the Korean peninsula are bandied about. But it is all a sham, a sleight of hand political prevarication. If Kim were ever to allow his people, long starved and oppressed in fourth world prison camp, to ever see the prosperity of South Korea they would run him out of the country with pointed sticks in a heartbeat. His regime is over the day his people realize his deified rule is the dehumanizing farce it actually is.

The proxy wars on the U.S dollar, such as Iranian, Venezuelan and Chinese oil-for-gold schemes, have been ongoing for some time. The modern axis forces bent on global economic and political domination have been seeking our demise for years. Trump is a huge dose of vitamin C to the virus that is global Communist ambition.

Keep an eye on the tactics used in these “negotiations”. They are nothing more than a stall for the Chinese and other anti-American influences to regroup and plan alternative strategies to unseat the U.S. global hegemony. Going into a hot conflict mode is likely an option on the table in Beijing. Critics will claim Trump’s appointment of John Bolton means we have shifted to war-hawk mode. But such a step, based on the current dynamics, is more pre-emptive than aggressive. Like Bolton, we should watch carefully and be on guard. The game is on.

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