Legislate or Litigate?

By David Rogers

In a few days, the House of Representatives will change hands. The House majority has flipped control and the same old faces are positioning themselves to take back the levers of power, beginning with Nancy Pelosi. The question for the average American is: will Congress actually accomplish anything over the next two years or will we face a constant stream of litigious sideshows as the Democrats use their restored base of power to derail anything and everything Trump?

President Trump faced an uphill battle to implement a reformist agenda when both houses were in Republican control. It is certainly difficult to “drain the swamp” when those in charge of the swamp are predominantly swamp creatures. The swamp just received a new influx of deep-water denizens and the cast of characters is lining up to really stir the mud and replenish the swampiness that is the D.C. norm.

Just a look at the likely chairs of key committees is enough to cause concern. Based on most reports, Maxine Waters will chair the Finance Committee and has already pledged to “do to (banks) what they did to us”. Adam Schiff, the deepest of swamp creatures, will chair the intelligence committee. Expect all of the news and inquiry into intelligence agency funny business (and extra-constitutional surveillance that should concern any citizen) to just fade away.

Jerry Nadler will take over the judiciary committee and has already been on record talking extreme actions such as impeaching Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump. Fox News reports that Nadler’s office is assembling more than eighty-five areas of investigation into Trump’s conduct. Imagine if only we had such overheated zealousness in past administrations. Elijah Cummings will chair the oversight committee (Jason Chaffetz’ old seat) and has also publicly stated Trump needs extreme scrutiny.

In the meantime, there is little talk from anyone on the left (or much from the right for that matter) on pressing issues that actually impact everyday life for us poor constituents. Little things like border security, instability in the Middle East or Baltic states, fictitious inflation numbers, the out-of-control Federal Reserve, the volatile stock market, restoring federal lands to states, the rising threat of China, creating better jobs or any number of other actual areas of concern seem to merit little attention.

From the moment he became an actual, viable candidate in 2016, Donald Trump has been in the crosshairs of Democrats (and many Republicans as well). His populist agenda is catching on like wildfire across the globe, as demonstrated by the Yellow Vests in France, England and elsewhere. He is beginning to open the eyes of peoples everywhere to the lack of wisdom of ever-increasing regulation and government control over the minutiae of everyday life. For this, he has been universally crucified by the leftist media, who are essentially a propaganda arm for the progressive agenda (which seeks to regulate everything).

It is obvious that the left’s first, foremost and overwhelmingly obsessive agenda is to rid us of Donald Trump and anything Trump stands for. Not only will this likely create serious blowback for Democrats in the long term, as Trump’s policies (not necessarily his personal style) are showing themselves salient on many levels. People are starting to get it. Total gridlock in Congress and a new spate of never-ending witch hunts against Trump will only serve to weaken the country, economy, and markets. Confidence has already been lagging since the election and stock market volatility reflects that unease.

Congress has a choice over the next two years, learn to legislate together and help forward the recovery of American confidence and power that Trump began two years ago, or litigate and tear the country apart for the sake of party politics, control, and power. Early returns on the rhetoric are not promising. One can only hope cooler heads prevail, but that hope is dim based on the anticipated adversarial personalities promising to wage war in Washington.

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