The Liberals’ American makeover

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

It seems that the liberal transformation of America is almost complete. Conservatism is under attack at every turn. The powerful combination of political office, media control and domination of educational institutions is now bearing fruit on a new and impressionable generation of Sanders loving socialists. This is most clearly manifest at this pleasant time of year when college graduates line up to toss their caps in various convocations across the country. In a recent New York Times article by Nicolas Kristof we discover that liberal speakers at convocations outnumber conservative speakers four to one. This includes not one of the U.S News and World Report’s top 100 schools engaging a conservative speaker for their convocation. What a surprise!

The casual observer can easily identify the liberal change and bias in academia that has been going on for decades. You have radicals such as Bill Ayers, a man who arguably should be serving consecutive life prison sentences for the crimes of his youth, enjoying a cushy tenured professorship at Chicago University, a place not coincidentally that protested loudly and violently against Donald Trump’s speech on their campus. Fifty or sixty years ago it would be unthinkable to welcome such a character into the hallowed halls of conventional academia. Meanwhile, many well-credentialed professionals with more conservative leanings search for a place to call home.

Depending on the poll, approximately ninety percent of institutions of higher learning identify themselves as “progressive” learning institutions. That is code for left-leaning liberalism, or worse. Kristof cites many studies in his article and comes up with some eye-opening statistics. Only two percent of English professors and six percent of humanities professors are Republican. Eighteen percent of professors teaching social science identify themselves as Marxists. It is apparently much easier to find a Marxist teacher as opposed to a conservative.

And, as expected, bias towards liberal candidates heavily influences recruiting like-minded individuals into the ranks. In one study, over sixty percent of professors admitted they would be negatively biased against any new candidate who identified themselves as a Christian or conservative. So as the seats of academia fill with left leaning, secularist liberals, they hire almost exclusively more liberals. “Progressives believe in diversity,” Kristof wrote, “and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table – so long as they aren’t conservatives.” Such diversity indeed!

The biggest problem with this demographic shift is the narrow-minded, one-track thought that accompanies the leftist makeover of our universities. In the very institutions that are supposed to be teaching new generations true diversity, critical thought and analysis, the intellectual instruction is deemed worthy only as long as it reflects the tenets of the progressive playbook. Diversity is fine as long as the diverse opinions do not conflict with the liberal dialog. Kristof further opines, “Universities are the bedrock of progressive values, but the one kind of diversity that universities disregard is ideological and religious. We’re fine with people who don’t look like us, as long as they think like us.”

Thus we have John Kerry speaking at Northeastern University making such absurd and politically pointed remarks such as “You are the most diverse class in Northeastern’s history; in other words you are Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.” Cue the thunderous cheers and applause. Meanwhile, Condoleezza Rice stays home because too many students have been taught by their Marxist sociology professor that she is a vicious warmonger, and thus unworthy to address them as she would create too great a need for “safe space.”

The imminent danger, both to any real educational standard and to our society in general, is that this liberal makeover has turned our institutions of higher learning into tidy little shops of propaganda and left wing indoctrination. For those students studied and mature enough to transcend such hypocritical nonsense, particularly those rare few who have actually been taught some sense of conservative principle in their homes or through limited life experience, the environment is risky. Students across the country have stated in numerous interviews that they must give left leaning answers or toe the instructor’s philosophical line or risk being graded poorly. They have often been socially and academically ostracized for expressing conservative viewpoints.  It is a perfect storm that will engulf an entire upcoming generation of thoughtless, shallow thinking plebeians without serious countermeasures.

The political implications are obvious. Thankfully, a high percentage of eligible voters under thirty do not actually vote. But what happens when this generation of tidy little neo-Marxist liberals decides they need to engage and vote for more “hope and change”? Will they have emerged from the propaganda and Manchurian Candidate brain fiddling from their school daze to emerge as rational, thoughtful, analytical and productively engaged citizens? Or will they be marching the streets to protest some inane position or legislative fiat such as the current transgender bathroom issue? The possibilities boggle the mind and frighten the imagination. Is it any wonder that it took over two hundred and thirty years from our country’s founding until we finally have the first black conservative woman in Congress, our very own Mia Love? Would a Mia Love of the future even have a chance as a new one-track-mind generation comes into power?

Every politician from time immemorial has always trumpeted the truism that “the children are our future.” If we are indeed raising a generation of propagandized leftists, the potentially difficult consequences are obvious. Is there a solution to stem this invasive tide of liberal carnage within our universities? Or are we already past a point of no return where conservative thought will be erased as quickly as a college classroom chalkboard after the bell rings? Can the election of a political candidate with more common sense policies reverse the kidnapping of our culture? Whatever the answers to this dilemma might be, we had better find them soon.

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