Male, middle-aged, moral, and…miserable? No, not the Republican Party.

Liberal Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.51.53 PMWhat is predominantly male, middle-aged, miserable, underpaid and over-educated?

Journalists, according to an Indiana University study reported in The Atlantic.

They’re also predominantly liberal. Somehow, though, that left leaning bias (this is among all journalists, not just the politicos) hasn’t led to income parity between male and female reporters, for whatever reason.

According to the study:

Among the more negative findings are that U.S. journalists today are less satisfied with their work, less likely to say they have complete autonomy to select stories, much more likely to say that journalism is headed in the wrong direction than in the right one, and much more likely to say that their news staffs have shrunk in the past year rather than remained the same or grown.

Among other interesting findings, the report found that journalists rely increasingly on social media, and not only to collect news, but to monitor what other news organizations are doing.

After all, there’s nothing like trying to keep ahead of your competition, is there?

See graphs from the report below.

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