Meet the candidates for CD3: Brad Daw

by John Mulholland

This is one of a series of profiles on candidates for the 3rd Congressional District, which is expected to be vacant when Congressman Jason Chaffetz resigns his office at the end of June.

Brad is a software engineer who has spent 10 years serving in the legislature. He has successfully worked on many tough issues including opioid abuse, health care reform, election transparency, payday lenders, and medical cannabis.

While some groups have failed to make much progress pushing for much larger goals with cannabis, Brad successfully passed a bill which has allowed the U of U to start a study to gather much-needed data about cannabis. He successfully did this by bringing doctors, law enforcement, and patients together, excluding extremists on the issue. He sees this as a great alternative to opioids and as part of a strategy to reduce opioid addiction and death.

Brad has specific small viable steps he wants to take while in Congress to make a big impact. He wants to allow people to contribute more to their HSAs and even use them to pay insurance premiums. He believes that states can solve healthcare problems better than the federal government.

He also wants to have the states take all of the gas tax and have the states enforce emtala, which allows everybody to have access to emergency rooms.

Brad’s strategy is to start off building personal relationships and building a reputation of being trustworthy. Then you can step across the aisle and work with others who share common beliefs.

Brad was criticized though for trying to pass a bill that could hold owners of public wireless networks liable if minors were able to access harmful material through them. Brad pulled the bill when he realized it wasn’t workable.

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