Meet the candidates for CD3: Chris Herrod

by John Mulholland

This is the tenth in a series of profiles on candidates for the 3rd Congressional District, which is expected to be vacant when Congressman Jason Chaffetz resigns his office at the end of June. Previous profiles include Brad Daw, Shayne Row, Paul Fife, Margaret Dayton, Deidre Henderson, Damian Kidd, Keith Kuder, Debbie Aldrich, and Stewart Peay.

Chris works with loans and real estate and has served previously in the state legislature for six years.

He is very passionate about issues such as taking on illegal immigration and socialism. Chris went to East Berlin and saw just how bad it was over there. He even taught in the former Soviet Union for about 3 years. He has seen how illegal immigration has changed California, which used to be much more Republican.

He said that he started talking about state sovereignty before it was cool, and also helped create the Patrick Henry Caucus. He helped reignite the lands issue and start the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

Chris said you can’t stay mad at somebody that votes against you because you need them on the next one. He doesn’t mind taking the heat and he was told that it was easier for others to vote right because of it.

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