Meet the candidates for CD3: Keith Kuder

by John Mulholland

This is the sixth in a series of profiles on candidates for the 3rd Congressional District, which is expected to be vacant when Congressman Jason Chaffetz resigns his office at the end of June. Previous profiles include Brad Daw, Shayne Row, Paul Fife, Margaret Dayton, and Stewart Peay.

Keith has experience volunteering for Jason Chaffetz’s campaign and works in emergency roadside assistance advocate. Keith has been arrested several times but has gone through law enforcement process and the cases were eventually dropped.

Keith mentioned how he has helped people work through challenges as they have road problems. He even helped one lady through a particularly difficult time when her husband died of a heart attack while trying to change a tire.

He wants to cut taxes and lower the debt. He also wants to cut government spending like the department of education. When asked for more specifics he started attacking his opponents.

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