Meet the candidates for CD3: Margaret Dayton

by John Mulholland

This is the fifth in a series of profiles on candidates for the 3rd Congressional District, which is expected to be vacant when Congressman Jason Chaffetz resigns his office at the end of June. Previous profiles include Brad Daw, Shayne Row, Paul Fife, and Stewart Peay.

Senator Margaret Dayton has been the longest serving woman is the state legislature. She told me that the most conservative district in the nation needs the most conservative representative and a very predictable vote. Margaret explained that she has the highest rating from Utah Grassroots for 2017 and the highest lifetime rating. She has also been endorsed by the conservative Pro-life group Susan B Anthony List.

She said that her effectiveness can be shown by her over 80% bill pass rate in the legislature. It would be higher, she said, but some bills take multiple years to build consensus and pass.

Her biggest accomplishment was successfully passing legislation to opt out of No Child Left Behind. She then helped legislators in other states do the same.

Her yearly trips to Blanding gave her a real connection to the rural part of the district and she is concerned about the federal control of water through the forest service and the Clean Water Act. She wants to continue the fight to return federally controlled lands to the state.

Another area that she wants to work on is health and human services. She wants less federal control and more free market. She believes insurance should be available over state lines and patients need to shop for services more. She also believes that the congressional health plan should align with the everyday citizens. She is a strong believer that HSAs should allow for tax credit.

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