Meet the candidates for CD3: Stewart Peay

by John Mulholland

This is the fourth in a series of profiles on candidates for the 3rd Congressional District, which is expected to be vacant when Congressman Jason Chaffetz resigns his office at the end of June. Previous profiles include Brad Daw, Shayne Row, and Paul Fife.

Stewart Peay served as a captain in the Army National Guard, including 15 months active duty with 10 months in Iraq. He said that it was sometimes difficult to do his job in Iraq and had to be very assertive to get security for his missions.

He earned a law degree at BYU and works to get his clients what they want. It is sometimes difficult when you have many sides on a case. He has worked with as many as six parties on a single lawsuit.

Stewart works to build consensus and said that serving in congress is about bringing about the best results for your side. He is a 6th generation resident in this congressional district and has studied and seen the many changes that have happened to the local economies. He wants to help the whole area move forward with an ever changing economy.

He explained that it takes a lot of teamwork, just like when he played as a catcher in baseball. It took all 9 players to ensure a win.

He would like to work on national defense, especially creating a plan to win the war on terror. He wants to push forward with more modernization of our military.

He also wants to continue working on the land issue for Utah. He wants to help Utah get an exemption to the Antiquities Act just as he said Wyoming was able to do.

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