Why Mia Love has earned this win

Why Mia Love has earned this winAfter months and months of this campaign season (about 23 1/2, it feels like), results are only 24 hours away.

Mia Love has earned the win she will make official tomorrow night. (My prediction: 8 points. My hope: 10+)

I’ve already blogged about some of the reasons I think she will win – good campaign team, good strategy, killer fundraising ability – so tonight I want to focus on the Mia I know and love.

She is tough and tender. She is smart and strategic. She has nerves of steel and a gift for public speaking. Did you catch her 2012 national GOP convention speech? Or her Utah convention speeches? She’s good at firing up a crowd.

She is gracious under fire. I have seen the most vile, racist, sexist epitaphs thrown her way for almost four freaking years.  The venom unleashed in her direction is mind-boggling. I mean, I know it’s politics, but for crying out loud – there seems to be no line her detractors will not cross!  But, she just shrugs it off and moves forward.

I have seen her take criticism to heart, learn from it and be better for it.  It’s not easy, it’s not fun and a lot of people – especially those running for public office simply won’t listen to critiques and suggestions for improvement, especially if delivered unkindly. Mia has.

She is a workhorse. I have seen her work tirelessly for months. MONTHS. Day after day, night after night, she is on her game with grace and poise. Campaigning is HARD WORK and she has done a remarkable job.

She knows her district. She has traveled all over the 4th Congressional district.  She knows its nooks and crannies. She knows its diversity, from urban Salt Lake county to rural She knows its residents – the business owners and teachers, the students and the farmers, the seniors and the veterans – she has talked with so many of them as she has criss-crossed the district.

She has won hearts and minds. She has listened, asked questions and listened some more.

She has watched as her positions are twisted and distorted by opponents and detractors and has patiently, methodically and graciously restated the truth about her positions.

I will say again. Mia has earned this win.

She will do a great job in DC, not only for the residents of the 4th Congressional district, but also for the entire State of Utah.

I just have one last question that’s been on my mind for months but it’s for her opponent: Why the heck does 6-generations of being stuck in one spot qualify you to run for Congress???

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