Mid-afternoon Commentary on the Weekend News — June 1, 2015

• Governor Herbert works fast. Less than a week after saying he would step in to end what he called the Utah Jack GOP “civil war”, it’s over. How does he do it? A special meeting on Saturday the party chose to put its candidates on the ballot in Utah. The details are best left to someone who still gives a rat’s ass about this mess. (Trib, Fox 13)

• Speaking of Republicans who can’t seem to get a handle on this whole “we’re organized” thing, Fox News tries to figure out how to have the 117 Republican presidential candidates debate each other. The Hub’s John English breaks it down.

• Former State Senator Pat Jones got an early nod from her former colleagues for a spot on the state Board of Regents. (Dnews)

• Ken Ivory has complaints filed against him for allegedly funneling tax dollars into his own pocket from Utah and two other states. Never one to let a headline opportunity pass them by, the Trib uses Ye Ol’ Quotation Marks trick to call him names. “It wasn’t us! Someone else said it! We were quoting them!” (Trib)

• At least the story ran parallel to the story about Rep. Justin Miller’s alleged theft of $30,000 in campaign funds. Oh god. This isn’t even fun anymore. I’m sorry. I promise this will be the last time I reference a non-story in which a lawmaker is alleged to have committed a felony and everyone in the press except the local weekly runs to ground because I don’t know the hell why, but who cares, right? Not me. There’s just no way I’m going to even bother to continue commenting on an issue in which someone, let’s just say a county mayor,  knows about something as mind-blowing as $30,000 in missing campaign funds thanks to a House candidate shortly before an election but didn’t let the public know what was going on so that they could have a fair chance to vote their conscience. I’m definitely done thinking that the calls by Rep. Ivory King to let criminal investigations run their course in the political arena are a little self serving. Happy Monday!

LATE EDIT: Oh fine. FINE, I said! Utah Policy had their survey about the McAdams/Miller issue. About 50 percent of responders who are Rs and Ds say that Miller should step down. For “insiders” that climbs to about 75 percent. Follow the link for more detail and some pithy comments from Utah Policy readers.

• Utah Catholics say goodbye to Archbishop Wester. The few times I got to speak with him he seemed like a cool dude.

“I always say we need to become who we already are. That we are a multi-cultural diocese. For example, eighty percent of the Catholics in Utah speak Spanish.    We have Vietnamese, and Filipino and Togan and African American and different  groupings of people.  We need to keep working at uniting ourselves, integrating so that we are one diocese, one face, brothers and sisters in Christ,” says Wester. (KUER)

• Utah defends its ban of polygamy in an appeal to a federal judge. And if that’s not the craziest damn thing you’ve read today, I’ll be amazed. (Fox 13) Crazy times. That said, nearly upstaging the actual appeal is the appeal from the Twitterverse to the AG’s Office to please in the name of all that is good and holy hire a copy editor. These things are filed in federal court for crying out loud. “Pubic welfare” should not be getting through. (h/t Connor Boyack)

And if none of that interests you, perhaps it’s because you’re not motivated enough. Shia LaBeouf can help. You might want to turn your volume up a little. The audio isn’t great.

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