Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News – May 5, 2015

It’s going to get worse before it gets better for the LDS Church as it finds a way into the mainstream of culture and society. Peggy Fletcher-Stack, take it away!

• A youth Sunday School teacher was released from their calling for teaching from current church doctrine. It involves race, so obviously local leaders got all squirmy. Note to said leaders: Kids have the internet. If you’re not teaching them, they’re going to do it without you. And do you really want that?

• UVU President Matt Holland signed a friend of the court brief opposing gay marriage. One hundred employees at his university were less than keen on the letter and sent one of their own to the Trib. Holland is the son of LDS apostle Jeffery R. Holland, which begs the question: Why isn’t he going by Matthew S. Holland? The younger Holland is an all-around decent sort of guy who has done a lot of good at the budding university. But maybe using his title in a letter like that was less than wise.

• Lest this appears to be a poke the LDS Church in the eye-fest, the Dnews has a heartwarming story about a pregnant mom who battled breast cancer relying on faith. Oh, and doctors. Specialists who treat women with cancer who are pregnant.

I’m really, really sorry for these next stories. They’re about water.

CrVcJStop! Come back! It’s important, I promise!

• A legislative audit reveals that water managers have no idea how much water is being used. Take a look at that sentence again. Water. Managers. No idea how much water is being used. What the heck are they doing then besides making money hand over … oh, right. Or as Utah Rivers Council told the Dnews:

“The Division of Water Resources has been using bad data to support billions of dollars in unnecessary spending for massive water projects.”

• Related, KUER is kicking off a five-part water series. Part the first landed today.

Around the Hub:

• Resident IT guru Shon Harris kicks off a feature that tackles what we’re all thinking: Your Campaign IT Sucks. First up, Carly Fiorina! To be fair, it’s not like she’s got a background in tech … hold on a second, I’m being given new information.

• In the second Polite Politics Podcast, exclusively here at the home of mayhem and ranting, we hear from Rep. Chris Stewart, the politest of the Utah delegation.

Other stuff:

Vt4tptv• Today kicked off Utah’s Safety Summit 2015 in Davis County. You know, I always felt safest when my big brother was around, so when I hear about things like this, where hundreds of bureaucrats are getting together to ensure our safety, that’s how I picture it: a room full of Big Brothers. Thanks guys!

• And finally, because honestly you really don’t want to read about shooting in Utah County or retirement system audits, there’s a long read in the National Journal on Sen. Mike Lee’s “Idea Factory.” Not exited yet? Well about about this line from the story?

“Of all Lee’s agenda items, none thrills him more than tax reform.”

Oooooooooooh, shivers up my spine.

But if none of that interests you, I’m damn sure this shot-for-shot remake of More Than Words by Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon will.

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