Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — Aug. 20, 2015

In the biggest, least newsy news of the day, the prison will be relocating to Salt Lake City. The Legislature did what they did and to their credit did it after years and years of vetting. The governor still has to sign it, but I assume since he abdicated the decision-making part of things back to the Legislature years ago that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you even want story links? Fine, here’s the Trib.

• Oh hey, did you know that there were a few other bills on the docket yesterday?

One of interest is the bill to change requirements for the Medicaid Inspector General. This is the position that determine whether or not hospitals are spending Medicaid (public) dollars appropriately and if not, gets it back. Over the past several years, the office has pulled back tens of millions of dollars that were inappropriately billed to the state by hospitals and other providers. It’s a pretty important office, especially if the governor is going to expand Medicaid by hundreds of millions of dollars through the Affordable Care Act.

It’s an incredibly important position that requires a bulldog who won’t put up with any crap from those who are spending public dollars inappropriately. Here’s hoping they didn’t make things a little too loose with the changes.

• There were a few committee meetings before the special session. The biggest issue of the day was whether beehives should be regulated in the Beehive State. Now I know what you’re asking: Wow, I wonder how this isMidday Commentary on Last Night's News -- Aug. 20, 2015 going to affect my honey business?

Up first, Rep. Marc Roberts, who really doesn’t like regulations of any time, especially when it comes to the apiary persuasion. Old Bear, he likes the honey!

The state ain’t crazy about deregulation because, hey, what freaking regulating body ever likes losing regulations? To be fair, When Colony Collapse Disorder, perhaps having a good handle on bees in the state isn’t a horrible idea.

We’ll see who brings in more honey. (KUER)

• Perhaps the biggest news of the day is that the LDS Church kinda-sorta-not really clarified where they stand on caffeine. (Fox 13)

“Despite what was reported, the Church revelation spelling out health practices (Doctrine and Covenants 89) does Homernot mention the use of caffeine. The Church’s health guidelines prohibits alcoholic drinks, smoking or chewing of tobacco, and “hot drinks” — taught by Church leaders to refer specifically to tea and coffee.”

That post originally included the sentence: “The restriction does not go beyond this.” However, it was later re-worded.

Why? Why reword it? First you clarify, then you remuddy. Honestly, what’s the matter with you people? All that being said, if you’re hang-up with the four-gallon bucket of Coke in your hand is the caffeine, then go ahead and click here.

I wanna do more, really I do, but the laziness, it’s so comforting.

And if none of that interests you, perhaps it’s because it’s because you’re fascinated by this lost footage of the  dinosaurs’ final moments on the earth.

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