Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — July 17, 2015

Salt Lake City mayoral candidates took off the gloves last night, mostly pounding on Mayor Becker, but occasionally landing blows against the mayor’s strongest opponent former representative Jackie Biskupski. uppercut(Trib)

From the proposed $150 million bond the mayor wants, to the $119 million theater the mayor is building, to the sexual harassment scandal in the police department, to the homeless situation, Becker’s challengers were all guns blazing. (As someone with an office off the corner of Pioneer Park, I can attest to the problems in that part of the city).

Biskupski didn’t escape unscathed with the Reagan billboard accusations flying around. (Utah Policy)

Full video of the debate can be found here.

• Utah lawmakers are opposed to any new monumenting by the POTUS. Which I suppose isn’t really even news at this point, sooooo, Midday Commentary on the Last Several Decades news?

• The Gang of Six is inching forward to a resolution on the Medicaid expansion negotiations. What’s concerning is that they continue to rely on the opt-out concept.

“Shiozawa said the group also is coming up with reasonable caps on enrollment, and an “escape” mechanism for the state if the economy goes south or if costs are much higher than expected.”

As a very wise man once told me, there’s no such thing as a government pilot program. Once you say ‘yes,’ there is no getting rid of it.  Just ask Rep. Chaffetz about mohair sometime. (Trib)

• Speaking of things that won’t go away, the Prison Relocation swears that this time they pinky promise promise promise to have a decision by October 1. In a tale of two studies, one study show that the site would underperform economically if it is developed without a scheme in mind. Another study shows that it would overperform if that development is targeted at the high tech sector. (KUER)

• Side effects of the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage continue to play out. A federal judge recently ruled that a lesbian couple can have both their names on the their child’s birth certificate after the state had challenged their claim. The AG’s office won’t be appealing. (KUER)

• And finally, HuffPo decided that they don’t feel Donald Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate and will thus be filing Trump stories in their entertainment section. I’m not sure what’s more absurd in this scenario, sadthat Trump really is an actual candidate, or that HuffPo is now pretending to decide just who is a candidate and who isn’t.

Look, you can hate the guy, pity the guy, be disgusted at the guy, or a combination of all three. Remember last election cycle when GOP candidates each had a turn at frontrunner status? Strange things happen, especially a year before normal people even realize that that presidential elections are going to be a thing. But the fact of the matter is that as of July 17, 2015, Donald Trump is a presidential candidate and someone with a reasonable amount of support among a certain demographic of people.

If HuffPo would have instead said “We are going to write the hell out of every crazy thing this walking train wreck says and show you what a lunatic he is,” then that makes perfect sense. To say he’s not a real candidate and will be treated as such, is a step in a dangerous direction for a media outlet with pretty significant influence.

And if none of that interests you, maybe these 15 seconds of new X-Files clips will make you believe. Or at least want to believe.

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