Midday Commentary on Last Night’s News — July 28, 2015

Rep. Justin Miller’s Twitter account got temporarily hacked, evidenced by the “Lose 25 pounds in less than 30 days” tweet sent out from the account. Which is funny because Democrats would actually really like to lose, I’m gonna say, 192 pounds as fast as possible.

• The Big News appears to be that Boy Scouts are going to go ahead and allow openly gay leaders, which makes LDS Church leaders all squirmy, perhaps from watching one too many SNL’s episodes of Canteen Boy. Canteen Boy

“The church has always welcomed all boys to its Scouting units regardless of sexual orientation,” church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in a prepared statement. “However, the admission of openly gay leaders is inconsistent with the doctrines of the church and what have traditionally been the values of the Boy Scouts of America.” (Dnews)

See, I don’t get this one. The Church is currently allowing active members who are openly gay but not, hell, what’s the word, “practicing” to serve in callings. Why not this? Any bets on how many not openly gay members are in leadership positions? <Insert vague sexual attraction argument>, you say? If that’s your stake in the ground, how would it be any different than sending male leaders to girls camp, which the church actually requires?

It’s not. You find quality individuals to be leaders and you move on. If they’re behaving in a way conducive to your belief system, then honestly, stop being a baby about it.

And speaking of being babies, the charter still allows the Church to pick who leads the Scouts in local units, so this is more of a temper tantrum than anything else. The take your ball and go home routine is pretty childish.

• Moving right along on the Gay News is Big Clicks for the Dnews Train, a new poll shows that a majority of Utahns are opposed to the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage. The poll shows that the breakdown is pretty close to 50-50 for anyone born after beards were banned on BYU’s campus. Which makes the headline eye-rollingly good:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.12.19 AM


While technically “most” can be a majority, usually it means “nearly all”, which in this case is just wrong. And getting wronger by the year.

• Tesla is still trying to get direct sale permission in Utah. KUER does quick and dirty update with a quote that really is all-telling:

“And so it’s not that Tesla can’t be here and have dealerships,” says [Craig Bickmore, executive director of the New Car Dealers of Utah.] “They can. There’s simply a set of rules and regulations that says if you’re going to be in the dealer business here, the model of the franchise system has been the best distribution process that we know of.”

Read into that what you will. Also, the comments are entertaining.

Around the Hub

• Monte Wells does a pretty impressive breakdown of who is really damaging public lands. WITH PICTURES!

• Dan Burton and Shon Harris take a look at NCAA funding at Utah universities and the state Auditor’s take. It’s a breakdown chock full of data, trends and perhaps most importantly this:

Even the press seemed to deliver a “meh” to the report. The Salt Lake Tribune assigned a sports reporter to cover the analysis. I guess if Robert Gehrke can cover music, then sports can cover fiscal analysis, right? Next up, Peggy Fletcher Stack covers the stock market…



But if somehow none of that interests you, perhaps the man with the greatest sense of humor in the world will:

For 27 years it’s been up there on the flat roof of Mark Gubin’s building in the flight path of [Milwaukee’s] Airport. A sign painted in letters 6 feet tall tells people arriving here by air: “WELCOME TO CLEVELAND.”

“There’s not a real purpose for having this here except madness, which I tend to be pretty good at,” Gubin said Tuesday when I stopped at his place in Bay View to see the sign.

It’s an old article, but here’s the Google Maps link for proof. (reddit)

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